Friday, February 29, 2008

Photography Class

I am having such a wonderful time in my photo class- learning new, cool ways of doing things. What a difference going to a class that you actually enjoy and have fun in. Above is a shot I caught in our back yard while a mist was just settling in.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

My new blogging adventure

I finally succumbed to bloggersville.  My initial reaction to all of this was, "My life is too boring, no one will be interested..."  But, through the nudging of a dear friend, whose name I won't reveal at this time, Heather Porter, I decided to jump in.

Speaking of Heather, she was kind enough to be my model the other night, as I have been practicing different lighting techniques with my camera.  I will soon post some photos of "Glamorous Heather."

We are awaiting the birth of our second grandson.  Matt and Claire are expecting their new son any time now.  Theo is also excited at the prospect of a new baby brother.  Greg and I are planning to visit them in Lafayette, Indiana, in time for the blessing.  We can't wait!!!