Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's Only Been Four Months!!!

Any guesses as to who this sweet, smiling dog is?

So, yes, it has been 4 months exactly since I have posted. It's been a crazy spring. I have kept myself busy with gardening, more painting, and photography...trying to keep my mind off of my job for next year or lack thereof. But, I think the stress has been alleviated as I found out that I will have a job in the fall, although it won't be what I am currently doing :( It's always hard to change from some thing you love doing to a different type of work. But I am sure that I will love this job as much. I won't be traveling all over Fairfax County as I have been. I have been assigned to work with students with disabilities (yeah) at Annandale High School! I will be working with a colleague that I like and I am sure we will make a good team.

So maybe, since I am feeling better about the future, I will be posting more! Check back and see!