Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweet Luc

We had the privilege of having Matt and Claire's little boy, Luc, stay with us for a few days. What a sweetie! We had a blast celebrating Uncle Chris's birthday yesterday and Luc kept us in stitches with his squinty eye smile and his toe fetish. I think the only thing that Greg and I regretted was that we didn't have enough energy to keep up with him. He sure kept us going, but we loved every minute of it. We hate that we live so far from Luc and his big brother, Theo. Maybe we can convince Matt and Claire to move a little closer to Virginia! ;)

So Ash, what is your opinion of Gainesville's new Chick fil A?

The Beatles at Rehoboth!!!

From a distance...there they were! John, Paul, George and Ringo! I could hardly believe my eyes. Playing at Rehoboth Beach, no less! Okay, I knew that a "Beatles" band was playing covers at Rehoboth, so I wanted to get a peek. And, from a distance, they looked pretty doggone cool. They had the suits, the hair, and almost had the sound. But as I got closer to the stage for a photo op, what I saw were four aged men, three of whom had wigs on! It really made me laugh, they tried so hard. But no one could resist dancing to their tunes, even if it was raining. A good time, indeed!