Friday, December 26, 2008

And A Good Time Was Had By All...

We had such a nice and fun Christmas. My mom was able to fly in from Ohio and celebrate with us. It was so nice to have most of the kids home (Lindsay, Chris, Mark and Katy, and Nathan). We really missed Matt, Claire, Theo and Luc. We understood that Theo hadn't slept for a couple of days before Christmas, he was so excited! It sounds like Matt and Claire probably didn't get much sleep either.

It's always lots of laughs here when the Allen brothers get together, so opening presents together was again, too funny. Mark played Santa and distributed gifts to everyone. Perhaps the most creative wrapping came from Nathan- he wrapped Greg's tie in a tube that was the length of the tie. I think the most fun gift was sent by Matt and Claire and the kids, to Lindsay, Nathan and Chris: each received a small case (12 packs) of candy cigarettes! No one expected that! Here are a few favorite moments:

Mark and his new watch!

Wait, is there a Transformer in the family???

You can't go wrong with a "Y" shirt for Greg.

It appears that Nathan has picked up a new habit. Love those "Lucky's," candy cigs, that is.

Happy Jean got her favorite "signature" cologne, Red Door. You can't tell from the pic, but I am wearing the coolest Lucky Brand earrings that I received from Lindsay. Does she know her mom or what???

More Christmas Pics...

Greg proudly showing his new Columbia University tie.

Grandma Gladys looking great at 87! We are so happy to have her in Virginia with us for Christmas again! we have an Aussie in the fam???

Katy with her new "Pretty In Pink" sweater.

Dapper Chris modeling his new pea coat.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stellar Has A New Buddy...

I bought this HUGE stuffed Bernese Mountain dog for a friend the other day at Costco. Not sure where to store it, I just put him under the tree. I thought it was so funny when I walked by and saw that Stellar decided to use him for a bed. She has been sleeping on him any chance she can get- which is quite a lot, since we know cats sleep all the time!